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You must be 40” or taller to ride The Flyer—San Francisco.

We do not recommend you ride The Flyer—San Francisco if you’re pregnant, but any seat is adjustable to restrict motion if needed.

You can ride The Flyer—San Francisco at any age as long as the minimum height requirements are met.

Yes, children are welcome to ride The Flyer—San Francisco on their own.

We do not recommend riding The Flyer-San Francisco with a heart condition, epilepsy, or other sever medical conditions. Please see all safety information here.

We do not recommend The Flyer—San Francisco for those who experience motion sickness or vertigo. Please see all safety information here.

Yes. Those who are unable to transfer from a wheelchair may still experience The Flyer—San Francisco’s 3D video without the motion seat. The theater is located on the second level above the Hard Rock Cafe and is accessible by elevators.

California Ride Safety rules require that all riders be under 300 lbs.