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Park World

Created in partnership with W. A. Alter, Inc. and Triotech, The Flyer is the state – and world’s – first 3D flying theatre attraction.  The ride will feature CGI blended HD film footage captured with the help of drones and helicopters, and guests will be able to fly over the city and visit iconic landmarks in the surrounding Bay Area.

The anticipation grows as we prepare to welcome guests to The Flyer – San Francisco.


Once guests are seated, the floors will slip away, leaving up to 28 guests suspended in front of the huge 1100 square foot (50ft by 22ft) curved screen. The immersive, multimedia experience takes them on a six-minute 3D flight over the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Coit Tower, Marin Headlands, Chinatown, the Castro, and more. According to Triotech, guests will also catch sight of some of the Bay Area’s best performers and personalities from all over the city.

Amusement Today

Through our partnership with Triotech, we have spent nearly two years researching and developing multi-sensorial effects in tandem with 3D high definition cutting-edge technology. The overall movielike originality of The Flyer – San Francisco will create an unforgettable guest experience that will have audiences, quite literally, on the edge of their seats. We look forward to welcoming guests from around the globe!